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Conferences, Workshops, Schools, Meetings

JINR Events on Indico

Materials of Governing and Advisory Bodies of JINR

Topical Plan

Seven-Year Plan for the Development of JINR

JINR Road Map 2008-2017

JINR Postdoc Positions NEW!

JINR Joint Projects

Special Home Pages and Web Servers

  1. Outstanding Scientists
  2. JINR Publishing Department
    Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei (PEPAN)
    Journal "Particles and Nuclei, Letters"
    Journal "JINR Rapid Communications" (1996 - 1999 )
    JINR News
    Annual Reports
    Preprints and Communications
    Photo Exhibits

  3. JINR Document Server 
  4. Events at Indico 
  5. Medico-Technical Complex Proton-beam therapy and radiosurgery NEW!
  6. Website GRID at JINR 
  7. INIS Centre at JINR
    INIS Collection Search

  8. SBNT - Science Bringing Nations Together 
  9. JINR Road Map 2008 - 2017
  10. Search at Data Base "JINR Prizes" - from 1960
  11. JINR Museum of the History of Science and Technology
  12. JINR TV channel on YouTube NEW!
  13. JINR video portal NEW!
  14. JINR Digital Photo Archive
  15.  Weekly Newspaper "DUBNA: Science, Cooperation, Progress"
  16. Magazine «Human.Energy.Atom» (Rus) 
  17. Association of  Young Scientists and Specialists
  18. Trade Union Committee
  19. Science and Technology Library
    Electronic Catalog
    New Acquisitions
    Bibliographic Index of Papers Published by JINR Staff Members
    Publishing Offices and Search Servers
    Publications about JINR
    Publications about JINR laboratories
    Publications about JINR scientists

  20. JINR Archive 1996 - 2000
  21. JINR Archive 2001 - 2007
  22. Scientific Council of RAS for Charged Particle Accelerators
  23. Physics resources from Russian Lycos Search
  24. Physics resources from Russian Search
  25. Investigated in Russia - Scientific Journal
  26. The JINR Award Regulations
  27. Jury’s Recommendations on JINR Prizes for 2014

Useful External Links

  1. European Organization for Nuclear Research
  2. Scientific Production Center Aspect
  3. Physics Information Servers and Data Bases
  4. "Poisk" - Weekly Newspaper for Scientists
  5. Russian NUCLEAR site
  6. Physics News Update
  7. Fermilab Hosts Virtual Ask-a-Scientist - an online chat session with Fermilab scientists
  8. One Nuclear Place - a guide to nuclear news and information
  9. CERN Courier - International Journal of High-Energy Physics
  10. International Linear Collider (ILC)
  11. European Physical Society
  12. International Center for Fundamental Physics in Moscow
  13. Information from Russian Foundation for Basic Research 
  14. PhysNet - the world-wide Physics Departments and Documents Network
  15. Interactions.org - particle physics news and resources
  16. The 2003 European School of High-Energy Physics
  17. The 2001 European School of High-Energy Physics
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