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About INIS

The International Nuclear Information System (INIS) hosts one of the world’s largest collections on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. It offers online access to a unique collection of non-conventional literature. INIS is operated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in collaboration with over 150 members.

The INIS Collection contains over 3.4 million bibliographic citations and abstracts of journal articles, scientific and technical reports, conference papers, books, patents, theses, laws, regulations and standards, and web-documents, covering publications in 63 languages; all records include keywords and most have an abstract in English.

It also includes a unique online collection of over 350 000 full-text documents: scientific and technical reports, conference proceedings, patents, theses, and preprints. This “grey” non-conventional literature (NCL) is not easily available from other sources.

INIS Collection Search (ICS) is a «single access point» to the INIS Collection, electronic bibliographic catalogue of the IAEA Library, and other data sources of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The information available via the ICS can be accessed freely by Internet users.

The official INIS web-site:  http://www.iaea.org/inis/

The INIS Centre at JINR

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research has been an INIS member since 1973.

JINR contributes to the INIS Collection information regarding its published literature such as reports, preprints, as well as articles from the journal Particles and Nuclei, Letters. Among earlier submitted publications are issues of JINR Rapid Communications.

The INIS Collection Search provides access to full texts of above publications.

The INIS Liaison Officer for JINR is Mr. Boris M. Starchenko.

The INIS Centre of JINR is located in the BLTP building, room 108.

Phone: +7 (49621) 65-311

E-mail: inis@jinr.ru

Our publications:

The Role of INIS in Supporting Nuclear Education and Industry: Regional Cooperation and Knowledge Preservation. JINR News, 2014, No. 1, p. 50-54

INIS in the 21st Century. E. Pershina. “Dubna: Science, Community, Progress” newspaper, No. 49-50, 28 Dec 2010

JINR – INIS: 30 Years of Fruitful Cooperation.V.A. Biryukov, N,S.Zhuravleva, E.A.Petrus, B.M.Starchenko JINR preprint R11-2003-91. Dubna, 2003.
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